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The «golden violin» comes from Stradivari’s «Golden Period» (ca. 1700-1720). During this period the master’s genius reached maturity and he made his best instruments, including the Aurea, which was made in 1715. Presumably Stradivari proportioned this violin according to the «Golden Section» (sectio aurea), which is the name given to the special mathematical relationship according to which the smaller part relates to the larger part as the larger part relates to the whole. It was according to this geometric model that he calculated the optimum position of the ƒ holes to produce the best sound. The result was this slim, manoeuvrable violin which is easy to play and shines with an incomparable fullness of tone. Its history can be traced from the middle of the 19th century, when it was owned by the violinist Prof. Bartl, who, after sustaining an injury to his finger, had the violin converted so that it could be played on the right. He played the instrument in this way for 40 years. It was probably in 1909 that the violin acquired a new owner. In that year it was restored, and since that time it has once again been played on the left. Its golden sound quality remains for us to enjoy.