Maja Weber

Born in 1974 in Switzerland, she began playing the cello at the age of four, when the instrument was bigger than she was. Her teachers Prof. Frans Helmerson, Prof. Walter Levin and Alban Berg Quartet had a major impact of her adolescence. At a very young age she played in the family quartet and in the «Ars Amata Zürich», then formed the «Amar Quartet» with her sister, winning 1st prize at Bubenreuth, 2nd prize at Geneva and Graz, and the Millennium Award in London. She created the «Stradivari Quartet» and in doing so is pursuing her ideal of telling stories with music. In her private life also her passion remains communication; her family and friends occupy an important place in her life.

“My love of music is explained by its purity, with which it binds people together independently of their origin, language and culture. Where words fail, music speaks; music can say the unsayable. The communication and discussion between my colleagues, the different musical parts and the audience are my passion. The huge diversity of emotional worlds and viewpoints makes chamber music my dream profession.”